Our Gamemodes

We offer in total 10 different gamemodes, which span a variety of different topics and themes. As well as offering classic Minecraft gamemodes such as Creative (Plots) and Survival (Factions), we also offer Minigames such as SkyWars, Spleef and Parkour, as well as a set of 4 different Mega-Builds which you can explore. You can easily navigate and explore all these features in-game by using the /menu command.


You can claim up to 4 free plots and unlock more by purchasing VIP or by entering our Monthly Plot Contest! Find out more at /plotcontest. We also pride ourselves in our Creative add-ons and customization features, so you can build whatever you desire!


Team up with other players to create the largest empire! Our Factions is completely grief-free and we also offer a Factions Shop which you can visit at /fshop to buy a wide variety of blocks and items with in-game money.


Explore 4 large Mega-Builds taking you through 4 different locations, including BroCity (our own unique Mega-Build), London, Venice and Quedlinburg, a medieval city!


Navigate increasingly difficult levels of Challenge Parkour, including ladders, cobwebs and more, or visit Themed Parkour to scale a few of the most iconic Minecraft locations, such as the End and the Nether, whilst trying to reach the top!


Compete against friends or on your own in a range of minigames, such as SkyWars, Spleef, and Insanity Run for prizes and rare loot! See if you can top the leaderboard!


Do you dare take on the deadly maze? In this Maze Runner-inspired gamemode, take on mobs, collect loot and avoid the moving walls! This fast-paced game is great on your own, or in a group of friends.


Take on a variety of different challenging bosses for rare loot, which you can use in other gamemodes such as MobArena. Try your best to defeat bosses such as Ringo, Tristan and Vinnie with a selection of three kits.


Choose from one of three kits then battle it out against other players in a variety of different themed arenas, such as Nether, Grasslands and Aquatic to try to win the other player's head!


Play solo or in a team to battle against waves of mobs to win rare loot to add to your collection! Choose from over 10 kits and fight in 8 different arenas. How long can you survive for?

Suggest a feature

If you've had a great idea for something we could add to BroCraft, or feel that your experience is lacking a certain something, let us know! We'd love to hear your suggestions and feedback, as we constantly try to improve our server. If we decide to implement your idea, we will give you credit and we will work closely with you to help turn your idea into a reality on our server.