Build whatever you desire!
Why not try out our monthly Plot Contest?


Join with friends to create the biggest empire!
Use in-game money to buy items in the Factions Shop.


Journey round maps built by staff!
Maps include BroCity and London!


Try to reach the top without falling!
Try out both Challenge and Themed parkour!


Battle friends at MobArena, SkyWars, Spleef and Insanity Run!
Who can top the leaderboard?


Fight mobs and beware of the moving walls!
Can you survive?


Fight bosses for rare loot!
Can you conquer them all?


Fight against other players to the death!
Who will be the last one standing?

About Us

BroCraft Gaming is a Minecraft community, and we are run by a team of 13 dedicated staff members. For more updates, check out our News Page or join our Discord server.


BroCraft was founded by brothers Lewis (lewis2470) and James (JaH4Mez), who wanted a place to play with friends on Minecraft. They approached Simon Lewis of Ravensbay Consulting and the server came to life!


BroCraft broadened into BroCraft Gaming and later that year completely reset to start afresh.


BroCraft Gaming closed to the public on the 9th of September for its biggest project to date - BroCraft: The Revolution, led by Rumplepusscat. This project aimed to completely revamp the server to its former glory, and this allowed the server to provide and add on more services than ever, such as Minigames, Creative and Factions Survival.


Our project finished on the 24th of November, following over 400 days of hard work. The server finally re-opened into Open Beta and our playerbase began to grow for the first time in almost a year and a half. It was at this point that we also released our brand new Trailer to the public.


The server hosted its first ever Monthly Plot Contest and reached 300 unique players since re-opening to the public. BroCraft hosted its official Grand Opening on the 5th of May when moving out of Open Beta and the server later hosted in June the first ever Minigame Night! Later in June we welcomed our first ever VIP to the server, JMA130802, and we have so much more lined up for 2018, so you'll have to wait and see!

Vote for us

Vote daily for in-game rewards - you could win up to ■700! Voting helps out the server, and only takes a few minutes every day! To reward and thank players for voting, we're giving out ■100 for every vote, as well as the reward of having more players come on the server, helping create a better community. Thank you!

Contact Us

Please use the Contact Us form for all general and inquiries or use our Live Chat in the bottom right of the screen to chat to a member of Staff in real-time for quick questions. If you want to make an appeal, use the Appeal form.